Happiness Guarantee

We know that hiring an online landscape designer you’ve never met can be a little nerve-wracking. We take great pride in hiring only the best landscape designers and providing an incredible design experience online.

That being said, if we don’t do a good enough job, we do guarantee your happiness.

If you sign up with us, and find that you are unhappy with your design, we absolutely want to make it right! Take a look below to see how our Happiness Guarantee works.

All Design Packages:

  • If you feel that your design team isn’t quite getting your style, we can offer you a full refund of your design fee. Please note that the 100% money-back guarantee reimbursement will only apply for your BACQYARD design package within the first thirty days of purchase. Before we refund, a lead designer or project manager will get in touch with you to understand what went wrong and discuss additional changes or revisions and will have the final authority on approving the claim. If your design is in the Revision phase and you feel there is a mismatch between you and your design team, a lead designer or project manager will contact you to discuss a match with a new designer to correct the course, or, if you feel like we won’t be able to suit your needs, then a lead designer or project manager will decide a fair percentage of your design fee that can be refunded.

Didn't mean to place an order?

If you placed an order for a design package on Bacqyard by mistake and are not ready to get started on your design yet, you're entitled to a full refund. Provided you request a refund within 48 hours of placing the order. Why? A designer is assigned to your project as soon as you place the order. Within the first 48 hours, your designer does a lot of groundwork to prepare your design. If you cancel the order within the first 48 hours, we can notify your designer, so they do not continue to do any extra work.

Redesign Terms

We offer one free revision with the classic and the full design packages and our goal is to make sure you fall in love with your new yard. Make sure to send in your feedback with design changes within 30 days of receiving your latest design concept. If we don't hear from you within 30 days, your designer will close your project. If you, however, want to request changes after 30 days, your request will undergo a review before we can commit.

Luxe Package Calls and Revisions Terms

As we embark on this creative adventure together, our team wants to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for you. To do this, we've outlined some key guidelines that help us work efficiently and ensure that your dream yard becomes a reality in the most effective way possible.

So, while we're all about fun and creativity, we also value clarity and structure - it's how we deliver the best for you!

Revision Period

  • The 30-day revision period commences from the date we deliver your Version 1 design.

Project Pause

  • Clients are allowed a single pause in their project. The revision period resumes from the point of pause.

Client Responsiveness and Communication

  • The 30-day period will not be extended due to client non-responsiveness. BACQYARD is not responsible for unused time. Once the 30 days are up, no further calls or revisions will be allowed.

Revision Request Clarity

  • Revision requests must be clear, detailed, and submitted in writing via our feedback platform or emailed prior to the revision call with the designer. BACQYARD is not responsible for delays caused by unclear or ambiguous revision requests.

Designer Call and Communication Policy

  • The 30-day call period commences from the date we deliver your Version 1 design.
  • Your designer manages multiple clients at the same time. While you're free to schedule as many calls as you need within a 30-day span, please note that initial project onboarding calls with a designer are capped to 30 minutes, and any follow-up or revision calls have a 20-minute cap. Should you require additional time, simply book another call once your current one concludes.
  • Please utilize our designated booking system to schedule your calls. You must fully complete one call before scheduling another. It is not permitted to reserve multiple time slots at once; you must schedule each call separately and only after finishing the preceding call.
  • Immediate availability of your designer is not guaranteed. Each designer operates within their individual availability, adhering to their respective time zones.
  • Designers are actively engaged in both handling calls and crafting designs. We kindly request your patience and allow up to 48 hours for any inquiries to be addressed by our design team.
  • No calls are allowed outside of working hours or holidays.

Revision Definitions

  • Small Revision: Involves minor changes, such as swapping plants or furniture. Expected completion time: approximately 2 working days.
  • Medium Revision: Entails more significant changes, including altering hardscape areas or multiple design elements, but not a complete redesign of an area. Example: reshaping patio areas combined with plant and furniture changes, necessitating a new 3D model. Expected completion time: approximately 5 working days.
  • Large Revision: Constitutes major changes that involve redesigning more than 25% of an area. Examples include more than 25% of the backyard redesigned or significant alterations to more than 25% of the property. Expected completion time: approximately 7 working days.
  • Major Revisions: Rare but extensive revisions where more than 50% of the project needs to be redesigned. This may require up to 2 working weeks, as each 3D model is created from scratch, and large edits are significantly time-consuming.

Delays Beyond Our Control

  • If third-party consultation (such as city, state, or other entities) is necessary for a revision request, the revision period will continue to run, and BACQYARD is not responsible for time lost due to third-party delays.
  • BACQYARD is not liable for delays beyond its control, including client responsiveness, force majeure events, etc.

Limitations and Exclusions

  • Revisions should align with the original project scope. Requests outside this scope may incur additional charges or be deemed beyond the package's purview.
  • Unused revision time or services are non-transferable to other projects or clients.
  • BACQYARD reserves the right to terminate services in cases of excessive or abusive revision requests.

Last Updated: Aug 16th, 2021